At the Michigan law firm of Susan Chrzanowski, PLLC, I am an experienced judge, prosecutor, and defense lawyer located in Macomb County, specifically Mt. Clemens, Michigan. With more than 20 years of experience, I understand how a courtroom works and I am prepared to formulate strong arguments on your behalf. I understand that legal problems can be intimidating and confusing. I will give you legal advice, based on knowledge, experience, and careful evaluation of all the evidence, about the best way to proceed. You will always know my opinion, regarding the options that are available to you. I am committed to providing you with the personal attention and respect that you need.

Whether you are wondering what to do if arrested on criminal charges or are worrying about how you or your children's lives will change from a divorce, I devote myself to getting due process for my clients. I provide honest advice with a work hard attitude. I understand what it takes to successfully address legal issues of all kinds, including those that involve felony and misdemeanor or criminal charges as well as child support issues and parenting time schedules. I am a strong Michigan Divorce Settlement Lawyer.

It is my goal at Susan Chrzanowski, PLLC law office to fight to protect your future. There can be no substitute for early intervention of a qualified attorney, call me today 586-801-3558.

Macomb County Criminal, Family Law Attorney

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