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Child Custody, Support and Parenting Time

There are two types of custody: legal and physical.

Joint legal custody simply means that both parents have input in major life decisions for the child (i.e. medical surgery, school selection, religion, etc.). It is very rare for a parent to get sole legal custody absent extraordinary circumstances.

Physical custody is what most people think of when considering “custody” i.e. who will the children reside with. It is the court’s general opinion that it is in the child’s best interest to have a good relationship with both parents. Without meeting with a client one-on-one. It is impossible to know the likelihood that a parent may be granted sole or joint physical custody.

In Michigan, child support is calculated based on each parent's income, how many children each parent supports, and how much time the children spend with each parent. After the court has ruled on child support, the paying parent can make online payments through Michigan State Disbursement Unit. The child support is then paid to the other parent.

It is best to meet with Attorney Susan Chrzanowski for an initial consultation 586-801-3558.. Most custody and parenting time issues can be resolved without the need for the Court to make a ruling. That being said, the Court, if called upon to do so, looks at many factors when deciding custody and parenting time, also know as “the best interest factors”.

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