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Macomb County Divorce and Family Law Attorney Susan Chrzanowski

In the state of Michigan every divorce case follows the same basic procedure; however, not every case will proceed to trial as most cases settle before a trial is necessary and a settlement is placed on the record at or before the time of trial. Click for Divorce Process. Much of the essential work that goes on in the early stages of divorce involves helping the client understand their legal rights and responsibilities in practical terms. Once you get a solid grasp of what's realistic under Michigan law, you can then make goals for yourself and your children, and we can go to work toward achieving the desired outcome.

A divorce without minor children cannot be finalized until the 61st day from the date the Complaint was filed. A divorce case with minor children cannot be finalized less than 6 months after the Complaint is filed without special permission by the court.

Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, which means that you do not need to prove one party is at fault in order to be granted a divorce. However, fault can be considered when dividing property, awarding spousal support, awarding attorney fees, and sometimes-in custody and parenting time issues. If one party is found by the court to be at fault for the breakdown of the marriage, the other party could receive a larger share of the assets, a larger spousal support award for a longer period of time and/or be awarded attorney fees.

Susan is committed to helping you preserve your rights while laying the foundation for a favorable outcome in your matter. Your financial and emotional security is among her primary concerns. The strategy we will devise to handle your case will be focused on enabling you to be more confident about your future and your ability to take charge of your destiny.

Susan Chrzanowski will provide you with an accurate case evaluation and knowledgeable counsel. Contact Michigan lawyer Susan Chrzanowski today. Schedule an initial consultation and case evaluation to provide you with strong solutions. The firm is located in Mount Clemens, Michigan. Susan Chrzanowski can be reached at 586-801-3558.

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